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Having problems or have a question regarding TidePoint? Before contacting us, please read through the most frequently asked questions concerning the app and its uses.

  1. Why should I register the app?
    Registering the app makes it possible to restore your purchases in the event that your phone is lost, stolen or just plain wiped. Once registered, it's just a case of entering your details and requesting a restore code - your active purchases can then be downloaded to your phone to return it to its previous state.
  2. How do I restore my purchases?
    In the Settings panel, click the Restore Purchases button and enter your email address and password to request a Restore Code. Enter this code into the Settings panel and your purchases will be downloaded automatically.
  3. Why are there no Low Tides on location X?
    The UKHO does not provide full prediction data for all locations covered and this sometimes manifests as some ports only showing High Tides in the TidePoint app. These are referred to as High Tide Only (HTO) locations.


Still having problems?

You can contact the owner at: support@tidepoint.co.uk