Tide Times app for iOS & Android

TidePoint v2 - a Tide Times app for iOS & Android

The TidePoint app is an extension to the TideTimes.org.uk website. It is intended to allow you to browse UK tidal predictions and continue to do so if you should move out of signal range. The app shows 7-day tide predictions for free, even if you don't have a TideTimes account.

Purchases for the app are made through the TideTimes website like any other product. There are no in-app purchases.

All predictions are downloaded to your device while you have a signal. You can take your device out to sea or even abroad, and still have access to those predictions. A typical year-long data file contains fewer characters than there are on this page. The files are designed to be compact and secure. Everything is protected with industry standard encryption.

Download the App

Choose the app store link specific to your device to download TidePoint v2:

One App Fits All

Working from a single codebase, the app detects rotation, folded and resized displays and will intelligently redraw itself to fit any screen. This slideshow below illustrates how the TidePoint app renders itself on the multi-screened Galaxy Fold 3 using screenshots from the actual device.

Consistent Look & Feel

Gone are the OS-dependent widgets. TidePoint should now look the same across all compatible devices. The following screenshots are taken from the official Apple Simulator, showing the app on a 6.7in iPhone.

Tide Times app image 1 Tide Times app image 2 Tide Times app image 3 Tide Times app image 4 Tide Times app image 5 Tide Times app image 6

Support & FAQ

Here are responses to the most common questions we've had about TidePoint:

Further Support

You can contact the creator of the app for further technical support, here.

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Privacy Policy

This section explains the privacy implications of using the TidePoint v2 app ("the app"). The app is integrated with the TideTimes.org.uk website ("the site") and we advise you to read the site's privacy policy, here.

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